Will Lotherington

Me in 10 seconds

I strive to be a better learner, and I believe that consistent deliberate practice is paramount. Currently, I am a software engineer - previously I've been a marketing analyst, industrial automation application engineer, machine vision sales engineer, and photographer/videographer.

By 40


I am 33 years old. By 40 I will have:

Developed a strong CS skillset.
Built useful things.
Reached financial independence (Non-job income > expenses).

Thank you Derek Sivers


Thank you for making your thoughts and reasonings public. I appreciate the care and attention you put into your life decisions. Over the years your articles have been a useful catalyst for challenging my assumptions and provoking reflection.

Thank you for writing the "Tech Independence" article where you detail how to take back control over your digital life. I've felt the need for this for a while, but my efforts have been sporadic and impermanent. By following your guide I have my most important data backed up and encrypted, I'm hosting my own contacts and calendar events, I have my own email server, and I have my own web server that is hosting this website.